O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures for ever.” (Ps 106/107: 1)

Goodness and mercy. That’s what I’d like to give thanks for, this year, as I prepare for the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. God reveals His goodness and mercy to me not only through things and situations and states of my mind and heart, in His grace, but also through the kind words, actions, and attitudes of people near and not-so-near to me. This year, people have imparted, and continue to impart, God’s goodness and mercy to me, even from a long distance, as our lockdown continues here in Vienna. Thank You, God, for the kindness and mercy of Your people. Let me also learn from them, to pass on Your goodness and mercy in this strange time, full of opportunities for that kind of thing. Amen!