Video & Live Online Courses

Video courses are available on Patreon and Udemy.
Live Online lessons are available through video-chat.

Divine Lithurgy Course

Divine Liturgy Course

$10/month subscription level on Patreon
An ongoing course with 45+ pre-recorded videos discussing the history & theology of each liturgical unit of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

Orthodoxy 101

Starting at $120 for 5 video chat sessions
A 5-part online course through video chat with Sister Vassa. This introduction to Orthodoxy consists of lessons on the basics of The Creed, Baptism, and The Eucharist.

Divorce & Healing in the Church

Find on
A video course addressing the canonical, historical, and pastoral issues of divorce and healing within the Orthodox Church's framework. See pricing at (click below).