I am yours, save me (Σός εἰμι ἐγώ, σωσόν με / Твой есмь аз, спаси мя); for I have sought after your statutes.” (Ps 118/119: 94)

How simple and bold, to say to God: I am Yours! (So) save me! And we can all say that, indeed we are all invited to say that, in the words of this beautiful Psalm, handed down to us from ancient times. It has been a cry from the heart of so many children of God, struggling like us, and praying these words in their ups and downs of “seeking after His statutes,” throughout the ages.

Let me join them today, and ask God to “save” me, that is, to “bring me home,” from my wanderings-off outside of Him, if for no other reason than the fact that I am His. And I have “sought after” His statutes, to various degrees of success and failure, but remaining in any event His, as His child. So today, on this Friday of the second week of Lent, I carry in my heart this ancient cry, “I am Yours, save me!” as I walk through my responsibilities in His presence.