(January 27)

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” (Mt 5:7)

When I give others a break, I find that I get a break also. When I mercifully let go of certain demands and/or expectations I’ve been insisting on, with respect to others; demands and/or expectations that they cannot or will not meet at this point, for whatever reason, then I unburden myself of disappointment or resentment, and “obtain mercy.”

Mercy, which is God’s way of being, is like a gust of wind that clears the air of all sorts of impurities, which blur my vision and impede the way forward in my relationships. Mercy frees us to move forward in God’s way, and in God’s time, which may not correspond to the time-frame or vision I had demanded or expected. But it is a relief, in God’s grace and mercy, to stop fighting pointlessly for “my” way.

Today let me be good to others, and thus good to myself. Let me embrace mercy, and let God have His way with those I love, and with me, according to His will. Lord, have it Your way today. Lord, have mercy!