“Blessed are You, O Lord, teach me Your statutes.” (Ps 118/119: 12)

If I make at least a small effort to keep my focus on God, to listen deeply, and to see, deeply, what He is revealing to me today, then I continue to learn; I remain teachable. “Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear,” Christ says (Mt 13: 16), reminding us that we are blessed already by this learning-process. I’ll note that He had harsh words not for the “unworthy,” but for the unteachable.

Today might bring unexpected circumstances, unexpected or unpleasant behavior (either my own or of others). How will I respond to what comes my way today? Let me remember that Christ is calling me to keep my eyes and ears open, according to His word. I can let His grace into every situation, so that I learn more about His agenda today, rather than impose my own. The learning never stops, if I remain teachable.