“Then he (Jesus) withdrew from them about a stone’s throw, knelt down, and prayed, ‘Father…’” (Lk 22:41-42)

So Jesus “knelt down” and prayed. Now, I know that there are various outer and inner forms of prayer. For example, we can go about our business, doing whatever it is we do, and continuously be aware of God’s presence, appealing to Him silently, from the heart, or perhaps whispering our prayer to Him throughout the day. A friend of mine, who is a busy mother of several small children, once told me that she does this, most of the time.

But then she added that, from time to time, she must kneel down and pray, because it is “a more receptive position.” I found this insight helpful: Indeed, we receive God’s grace not only in soul, but also in body. So, communion with God, in prayer, involves my whole being, in soul and in body. It involves physical actions, like kneeling.

Today I make it a point to kneel down before God, for at least a bit, in prayer. Let me be more receptive to His grace, both in body and in soul.