He that dwells in the help of the Most High shall abide in the shelter of the God of heaven. He shall say unto the Lord: You are my helper and my refuge. He is my God, and I will hope in him.” (Ps 90: 1-2, Septuagint-translation)

The words we choose to say about ourselves affect the way we act and are. These words of Psalm 90 paint a picture for me, of how I’d like to see myself throughout this day, “abiding in the shelter” of God’s grace. As I do the things I need to do today, whether it’s putting on a mask and going out, or social-distancing while in public or at church, or staying at home altogether, I will also be “abiding” in God’s “shelter,” in His presence, and “dwelling” in His help.

Lord, I open my heart to Your presence this morning, because I can. “You are my helper and my refuge,” and I will hope in You, wherever I am today.