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Fordham's Women Panel 2018

"Why Study the History of the Liturgy?"

"Feasting & Fasting

in the Byzantine Typikon"

"Spirituality vs. Organized Religion?"

(California, 2015)

"Великий пост, Великий катехизис"

"Церковность и современный мир

интернета и социальных медиа"

"Orthodox Canons:

Theory and Practice"

"Современный кризис

литургического благочестия"

Click for the English version of "The Crisis of Liturgical Piety"

Audio Podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio:

"The Active Participation of the Laity and the Byzantine Liturgy"

"Fr. Alexander Schmemann and Monasticism"

"Roman Catholic Students at Byzantine Liturgy"

"Marriage and Asceticism in the Lives of the Saints"

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