Conference in Russian & English (Chicago): “We´re Not Alone (Мы не одни). Crisis of faith in wartime”

ENGLISH VERSION (см. русский перевод ниже):  Saturday and Sunday, February 17-18, 2024,  Sister Vassa will be participating in a conference  at the Krug community center, organized by local Chicago Russian- American Orthodox Christians, concerned about Russia´s war against Ukraine and its effects on the spiritual lives of many of us, along with two organizations: Russian America for Democracy in Russia (RADR), and Orthodox Against the War. The conference will have one day all in English, and one day in Russian.  The speakers will be Sergei Chapnin and Sister Vassa Larin, and there will be lots of time for discussion with all participants. Please see the attached schedule in both Russian and English, by clicking Go next to the words «More about the event” below (or to the right, if you are using a computer and not a phone).

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ:В субботу и воскресенье 17-18 февраля 2024 г. в Wheeling, IL (рядом с Чикаго) пройдёт конференция «Мы не одни: духовные кризисы военного времени». В субботу вся встреча по английски, а в ВОСКРЕСЕНЬЕ 18 февраля по-русски. Спикеры: Сергей Чапнин и с. Васса Ларина. Будет интересно, приходите. Расписание см. кнопку “Go” рядом со словами «More about the event” здесь ниже:

Event Details

Organizer : Sergey Furmanov, RADR Chicago

Start Date : 2024-02-17

End Date : 2024-02-18

Time : 12:00PM (GMT-6)

Cost : Entrance free. Вход бесплатен.

More About Event : Go

Event Venue

Venue : KRUG Community Circle

Address : 1400 S Wolf Rd., St 100 Wheeling, IL 60090

Phone : +1(312) 286-2923