“In the middle of the Feast, O Savior, / Fill my thirsting soul with the waters of godliness, as You did cry to all: / If anyone thirst let him come to me and drink! / O Christ God, Fountain of our life, glory to You!” (Troparion of Mid-Pentecost)

Today we celebrate “Mid-Pentecost” (Μεσοπεντηκοστή, Преполовение Пятидесятницы), which is the “midpoint” of the fifty days between Pascha and “Pentecost” (i.e., the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles on the 50th Day after Pascha). I’m reminded that we’re in the middle of a 50-day journey right now, in case I lost focus on the Church Calendar soon after the 40-day journey of Lent ended. In the Troparion-hymn of this day, quoted above, the Church taps me on the shoulder and says: Hey!! Your soul is thirsting!! Time to come back to the Fountain of Life!! And in the upcoming weeks of this season, the themes of spiritual “thirst” and “(living) water” will be prevalent in our church-services, (e.g., on the upcoming Sunday of the Samaritan Woman), as the Church leads us to re-discover our “thirst” for the grace of the Holy Spirit, which will be pouring out abundantly on all of us, as Church, on Pentecost.

Let me take note of the “thirst” I may have been neglecting lately, and take some time to “drink” at the Fountain of our Life. This morning I take pause, and open my heart to God’s grace, in repentance, forgiveness, and gratitude. “If anyone thirst let him come to Me and drink!” the Lord invites me today. “O Christ God, Fountain of our life, glory to You!”

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