Let God arise (Ἀναστήτω ὁ Θεός, Да воскреснет Бог), and let his enemies be scattered…” (Ps 67/68: 1)

God doesn’t force His salvific, good works upon us. Good things or “God-things” happen to us when we “let” them, embracing God’s presence and light in our lives. This is why we have so many “Amen-s” in our liturgical services, because it’s important for us consciously to “let” God’s truth and power “be” as they are, rather than block them out through our own concerns and fears. That’s what faith is: letting God be the God He truly is, in my life. That’s why today, on Holy Saturday, we begin to proclaim the words of Ps 67/68, which we will repeatedly sing throughout the Paschal season: “Let God arise…!” – not because He needs us to “let” Him out of the Tomb. No, there’s literally no way in hell He can be kept in there ☺. But “we” do need to “let” God arise, and also be the Vanquisher of Death, and of self-imposed darkness in our lives, in the here and now.

So let me let God make good things happen in my life today. As a Christian I am called to live not in self-centered fear, be it of financial insecurity or of other people or whatever, waiting to pop out at me just around the corner. No, I constantly “expect” good things around the corner, from the Lord of Surprises. I “look for” the resurrection of the dead, for example, and new life and new light, on this adventure that is the cross-carrying journey. “Let God arise!” I say this morning. And, as those of us on the Older Calendar also celebrate the Anunciation today, I say with the Most-Holy Virgin, “Let it be unto me” today, O Lord, “according to Your word.”

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