And God spoke all these words, saying, ‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.You shall have no other gods before/besides me.” (Ex 20: 1-3)

Here’s a “dogmatic” truth we don’t discuss, or argue about, as Christians, because it’s so basic: that God “is.” He exists, as the Lord our God. We actually like to spend a lot of time battling it out about issues that have little consequence in the personal, everyday lives of most of us.

Although we don’t argue about this empowering truth, that God "is," - as Christians, we do often lose sight of it, I think, in our personal lives. At least I do. I often begin to play “God” myself, when I slip into self-reliance, trying to carry the whole world on my own, insufficient shoulders. Now let me make no mistake: This is a slip into falsehood and delusion, more consequential than having “questions” about any other “dogma.” When I slip into self-reliance, outside of a connection with God, I develop God-less delusions and fears, like the one about me not having sufficient “will power” to maintain the sand-castle that is a self-centered and self-reliant life.

But today let me re-affirm my faith in the most basic tenet of my Orthodox faith, - that God “is.” And He is “the Lord our God,” rather than me. Let me let Him in, and be the God of my life, with all His powers and will, that I do not become overwhelmed with me, attempting to play that role. “Thy will be done” today, my Lord. And thank You for bringing me, time and again, out of “bondage” to “other gods,” including me.


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