Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit (πνεῦμα εὐθὲς) within me.” (Ps 50/51: 10)

The “right” spirit is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. He carries me in the “right” direction, like the wind carries a weak little bird in its flight, because God (“G” “O” “D”), as I heard somebody say, is all about “Good Orderly Direction.” Conversely, the “not right” kind of spirits, when I choose to befriend them, carry me all over the place, so I aimlessly “miss the mark,” that is, where I am supposed to be going, according to my God-given purpose or vocation. This state of affairs is both disorienting and lonely, leaving me flapping my wings against all sorts of hostile winds, on my own.

Today let me recognize, once again, God’s “right” Spirit, Who is always ready to carry me, when I let myself be carried and open up to Him. “Come and abide in us,” O Lord, and save us from all the hostile winds, O Good One.

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