Now when Simon saw that the Spirit was given through the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money, saying, ‘Give me also this power, that any one on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.’ But Peter said to him, ‘Your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right (εὐθεῖα) before God…’” (Acts 8: 18-21)

That’s one of the great things about the Holy Spirit: His power cannot be bought, sold, or otherwise manipulated, (despite mankind’s efforts to do so throughout Church History). All we can “offer” the Holy Spirit is ourselves, as He offers Himself to us. Like Simon, we can have “neither part nor lot” in God, – without actually “having part and lot” in Him, in our very beings, in our selves, making our hearts “right” before Him. And by “right” I do not mean our human kind of “right,” according to human opinions or standards. I mean, God’s kind of “right,” according to His all-knowing, all-merciful evaluation of our challenges, strengths and weaknesses.

So today let me open my mind, heart, and soul to the divine energies of the Holy Spirit, for His gifts to be opened in me. Ultimately, only I myself, in my free choice to embrace those gifts, can become the vessel of the free and freedom-loving Spirit of God in me, – rather than somebody or something else, – like other people’s opinions, or money. He demands from me neither money, nor prestige, nor any other substitute for my heart being “right” before Him. So let me “have part and lot” in Him this sunny morning, in prayer, that I may be “right” before Him, regardless of my financial or social standing before other people.


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