Come, let us drink a new drink (Δεῦτε πόμα πίωμεν καινόν, Приидите пиво пием новое), / not one miraculously brought forth from a barren rock / but the Fountain of Incorruption, / springing forth from the tomb of Christ, // in Whom we are strengthened.“ (Paschal Canon, Irmos of Ode 3)

The Lord’s resurrection changes things, including our “drinking habits.” That is to say, the new Life and new Strength “springing forth from the tomb” is offered to me as a new “Fountain,” to which I can come and quench my inner “thirst,” or the hole in my heart. It is not merely water “brought forth from a barren rock,” as Moses did for his people in the water-less desert (Numbers 20: 11).

We “are strengthened” continuously, on a daily basis, in and through communion with Christ, Who walks with us on our cross-carrying journeys, as One already-victorious, as One Who knows well, and has overcome, the full extent of our darkness and difficulties. So today let me “come,” once again, and “drink a new drink,” offered to me in abundance in the Self-Offering of my Lord, Who is risen indeed!

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