Wretched daughter of Babylon! ...Blessed shall he be who shall seize and dash your infants against the rock.” (Ps 136/137: 8a, 9, Septuagint-translation)

In his little book “On Writing,” the great novelist Stephen King uses a similar image to advise the inexperienced writer about the painful editing process: “Kill your darlings,” he says. He means that the writer should not hesitate to cross out (or delete) all unnecessary details, no matter how much he or she loves them.

The Psalm is also talking about “infants” that I tend to love, within myself. They are sinful thoughts, at first small and weak, of various types of wishful thinking, lustful thinking, fearful thinking, resentful thinking, and so on. These “infants” need to be “dashed” against the “rock,” – my Rock and my Hope, Jesus Christ. May I get rid of any creepy “infants” today and let Him take care of them, before they grow and take over my house. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,” be my Rock today. Amen.

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