Glory to You, Who has shown us the light!” (Byzantine Matins, Great Doxology)
Indeed, God shows me “the light,” specifically His light, to see things as they are, rather than how I might imagine them to be, when left to my own “lights.” On my own, without a God-centered focus, I tend to slip into a distorted vision of things; I begin to see “more” or “less” than there is, in the various realities of my life. For example, I might “see” my financial situation as “less” than it is, when I’m not embracing gratitude. Conversely, I might see “more” than I actually have, and spend unwisely. I can also distort my relationships with people, including myself, burdening them with unrealistic expectations or even demands.
Today let me let God show me His light, setting aside both fear and denial. Because His is a gentle light, which liberates me from confusing and ultimately-hurtful distortions. Let me open up to His grace, re-connecting with Him in some heartfelt prayer and re-focusing (metanoia), which brings me humble acceptance of, and gratitude for, things as they are. “Glory to You, Who has shown us the light!”


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