Blessed are the pure/clean in heart (οἱ καθαροὶ τῇ καρδίᾳ): for they shall see God.” (Mt 5: 8)

I tend to dismiss this verse every time I hear it, as if Christ did not say it to regular, complicated mortals like me. But He did. He is saying a simple thing to complicated people: You can, and shall, “see God” in all things, in all situations, He says, if you clear away the various wreckage in your heart, which is blocking your vision. Because God is not “hiding” from me. It is the other way around.

Today let me take a bit of time to “clean house.” Let me take a quiet moment to note any resentments and self-centered fears I may be lugging around in my heart, and open up to God’s presence amidst it all. I note where I stand today, and where I fall, with gratitude for the people, places and things God is bringing me. As I re-connect with Him this morning in a bit of prayer, I let God show me what He wants me to see on this cross-carrying journey: Himself. Glory be to Him.


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