He who dwells in the help of the Most High shall abide in the shelter of the God of heaven. He will say to the Lord: You are my helper and my refuge. He is my God, and I will hope in him… With a shield will his truth encompass you; you will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day…” (Ps 90: 1-2, 5, Septuagint-translation) This Psalm promises me freedom from fear. If I “dwell in the help” of God. If I am God-centered and God-reliant, rather than self-centered and self-reliant. It is really a counter-cultural promise today, when so much of our politics and news call me to embrace self-centered fear, and to be motivated by it. I am told to fear for the future of “my” country, for “my” job-security, and so on. But self-centered fear is not a “God thing.” And it’s not a good motivator. No. It is, actually, the primary motivator in practically every form of sin and resentment. It cripples my relationship with God, with myself, with other people, and warps my perspective on things with anxiety or even “terror of the night.” Can anyone relate to that? I think many of us can. So today let me reach out for the help He has on offer, placing my hope where it belongs, in Him. And I don’t mean “escaping” the issues of today. I mean letting His light into my heart, so I can “see” all things, all issues, be they personal or political, in His gentle light. He changes my perspective, and frees me from the poison of fear, so I don’t spread it further. “With a shield will his truth encompass you.” Amen!

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