Wisdom has built her house, she has set up her seven pillars. She has slaughtered her beasts, she has mixed her wine, she has also set her table. She has sent out her maids to call from the highest places in the town, ‘Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!’ To him who is without sense she says, ‘Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have mixed. Forsake foolishness, and live, and walk in the way of understanding.’” (Prov 9: 1-6, read at Byzantine Vespers on Dormition)

This intriguing passage is read at Vespers, on the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God. Why this passage? Because the “house” built by “Wisdom” is traditionally seen as an image of Mary, the Most-Pure Virgin from Nazareth, who was chosen to give birth to the Bread of Life. She was “built” by generations of chosen people, gradually prepared by God through His revelation of Himself to them, to receive the One Who was to be a new “way of understanding.” This image from Proverbs also signifies the Church, as the Birth-Giver of God the Word is an image of the Church.

Today let me open up to Him, the Wisdom of God, Who has come into my world through and by the consent of a poor Jewish girl from Nazareth. Let me eat of His bread and drink of the wine He has mixed, in His Most-Pure “house,” as He invites me to. And let me embrace His new “way of understanding,” which opens up to me in the mystery of the Mother of Life’s departure from this world, which She does not forsake in Her departure. No, She is consistently “here,” as His welcoming “house,” into which I am invited today, when my focus is “simple.” That is to say, when I “forsake foolishness” or the complications of my own head, and focus on Him. “Forsake foolishness, and live, and walk in the way of understanding.” Amen!

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