Saturday, July 9, 2016

You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman to lust after her (πρὸς τὸ ἐπιθυμῆσαι αὐτὴν) has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Mt 5: 27-28)


...Now that I've got your attention: :) What is the most powerful antidote to adulterous “lusting” (ἐπιθυμέω, to set one’s heart upon, to long for, desire)? Humility. It’s the liberating grace of humility that opens my eyes to see, and to look at, my world properly, recognizing what is God’s and not “mine.” Humility frees me from the frustrations and chaos of expectations / yearnings for things beyond the boundaries of what God has already given me or plans to give me. These kinds of expectations and yearnings are damaging to me, regardless of whether I act upon them, because they wreak havoc in my heart and waste my God-given energies of “desire.”


So today let me recognize the Treasury of Blessings and Giver of Life in my here and now, embracing His presence and all that He sends me, with gratitude and humility. Let me let Him guide my yearnings and desires toward the growth He wants for me and others, in His peace, His love, and His glory. Amen!

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