Wondrous is God in his saints: the God of Israel is he who will give power and strength to his people. Blessed be God.” (Ps 67: 35/36)

The recognized saints are the proper “celebrities” of our community, because they bring us together. The word “celebrity” comes from the Latin “celebrare,” which means to “assemble to honor,” and the past participle of this word, “celebratus” (celebrity), means “much-frequented.” So we assemble, we gather to honor, nay, to wonder at, God, Who is “wondrous in His saints,” because it is He Who has given power and strength to His people.

I’m thinking about this verse today, on the day of the repose of a saint very dear to my family, my Church, and me personally, St. John, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco. May God continue to bless us, and may we continue to bless Him, through wonder and recognition of the saints and saintly among us. It is He Who has given them strength and power, and it is He Who will give power and strength to all of us, His people, today as He did yesterday. “Blessed be God.”

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