O Christ, the True Light, Who enlightens and sanctifies anyone who comes into the world: Let the light of Your countenance be signed upon us, that in it we may see the Unapproachable Light, and guide our steps in the doing of Your commandments, through the intercessions of Your most pure Mother, and of all Your saints. Amen.” (Byzantine Prayer of the First Hour)

There are many kinds of “light.” This morning I switched on the lamp in my room, while it was still dark outside. But now, two hours later, the lamp is useless, because the sun has risen and is shining all over the place. And yet, as useful and amazing as the gifts both of electric light and sunlight are, they cannot “enlighten and sanctify” me, as I “come into the world” today. For this I am given the greatest gift of all, sent to us by our Father, - His Son, the True Light.

This morning I look to Him, as I pray before His holy image, that “His countenance be signed” upon me. I will see many images today, both good and bad, both online and in my immediate surroundings. But let me be “signed” only with His, that I may truly “see” others, myself, and everything else, in His gentle light and wisdom. Glory be to Him.


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