It is good for me that I have been afflicted (Septuagint version: that you have humbled me, ὅτι ἐταπείνωσάς με); that I might learn your statutes.” (Ps 118/119: 71)

How blessed am I to have also this verse, this consoling word, in my spiritual “toolbox,” to pick up and carry with me, whenever my own poor choices and sins rear their ugly head. …No, let me rephrase that: How blessed I am to have this verse to pick me up and carry me, whenever I am afflicted and beat down by my own afflictions. Because God carries me forward, “that I might learn.”

That’s the great difference faith makes, God makes, in the human journey: He blesses both the ups and the downs with eternal meaning, with the grace of growth in His gifts of humility, wisdom, and compassionate light.

Today let me let God carry me onwards, shedding light on my cross-carrying journey. Let me place my sins and shortcomings where they belong, in His hands, where I can see them in His light, rather than hide them, or hide from them, in my own mind. “It is good for me that You have humbled me;” I say to Him today, “that I might learn from Your statutes.”

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