Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no iniquity rule over me.” (Ps 118/119: 133)

Indeed, it’s all about taking actual “footsteps,” even if they’re small and awkward. It’s not just about knowing the “word.”

I’m reminded of this simple truth today, and ask God to help me take action, albeit slowly and insecurely. I ask Him to liberate me from the bondage of inactivity, and all the anxiety that comes from it. Because, as I read somewhere, true freedom is “doing what one ought to do, because one wants to do it.

Today let me be open to asking for help, from God and others who can help me in my responsibilities, so that “no iniquity rule over me.” God is willing to help me, like He helps the early flowers come out from under the snow, when I can’t help myself to come out and do the next right thing.

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