“Bring my soul out of prison that I may confess Your name.” (Ps 141:10/Ps 142:7)

The “prison” that can keep me from “confessing the name” of the Lord, of recognizing Him for Who He is and letting Him be God in my life, is resentment. In the dark prison of resentment my growth becomes impossible. There is only blame and excuses for my every failure and inadequacy, so I become incapable both of the grace of humble acceptance and of God-willed change.

Today I am reminded to ask for help, to “bring my soul out of prison,” if traces of old resentments begin to resurface, blocking out light and distorting my vision. Let me be quick to let go of these, sharing them with God and others, in rigorous honesty, so I can be free as He wants me to be; free to grow.

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