Again and again, in peace let us pray to the Lord.” (Litany of Byzantine Liturgy) There are two basic things to be said about prayer: 1. Start doing it, and 2. Keep doing it. Preferably “in peace.” And that’s easier said than done, particularly in the context of church community, where human tensions and shortcomings, beginning with my own, can make praying in peace a challenge. I’m thinking about this before I go off to church this morning, because certain bits of “church news” have disturbed me since last evening. Today let me look to the King of Peace, the Source of my peace, to calm any disturbance I may feel. Let me be reminded that any loss of peace I feel is not a sign of any lack in God, but of a lack in me; a loss of focus in me. Because He remains the same, in perfect and omniscient peace, and in His perfect willingness to impart His peace on me. So let me “duck,” so to say, under the “wave” of His peace, in humility and acceptance, letting God take care of things and people as they are in my immediate community and in the world in general. “For You are the King of Peace and the Saviour of our souls,” not me, “and unto You to we ascribe glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,” here and now, and forever. Amen.


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