Come to him, and be enlightened, and your faces shall not be ashamed.” (Ps 33/34: 5) So the Psalm reminds me that I can approach the Lord, and He will enlighten me, rather than make me “ashamed.” Does this really need to be said? Well, yes. I think that at times I tend to avoid approaching Him, for fear He will somehow give me this big “thumbs down” or bite my head off. This is not a grace-filled “fear of God,” but a delusional self-loathing projected onto God. He doesn’t seek to shame me. Nor is He “disappointed,” like a self-seeking parent. God seeks to share Himself with me, to share His light, and always has it on offer, wherever or however I am – and that last part is not “news” to Him. Today let me “come to Him, and be enlightened,” in heartfelt prayer. His light enables me to see myself as He sees me, without fear or favor. Just unchangeing, humble and loving acceptance. So I come to Him today and let Him give me what I can’t give myself, true light. As it says in the Prayer of the First Hour: “O Christ, the True Light, Who enlightens and sanctifies every man that comes into the world: Let the Light of Your countenance be signed upon us, that in it we may see the Unapproachable Light, and guide our steps in the doing of Your commandments, through the intercessions of Your most pure Mother, and of all Your saints. Amen.

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