The Lord is king. He is clothed with majesty/beauty (εὐπρέπεια).” (Ps 92/93: 1)

This verse is proclaimed at Vespers (the evening-service), on the eve of every Sunday, commemorating Christ’s resurrection. So, every week this verse reminds me of two truths revealed in His rising from the Life-Giving Tomb: 1. Christ reigns, as divine-human King over death and darkness; and 2. His resurrected human Body, in which He is clothed as He majestically exits the Tomb, is beautiful.

In Christ, my human body is endowed with new beauty and new light. This is already evident in Bethlehem, when He first appears to us in our “clothing,” sharing with us our vulnerability to cold, heat, hunger, fatigue, and even death. What is “new” and uniquely “beautiful” about this Child’s Body, however, is that it is the Body of a King. But His unique “majesty,” which He will also share with us, will only be revealed fully in His ultimate victory; in His resurrection from a tomb outside the walls of Jerusalem.

So, my Lord Jesus Christ walked in my physical vulnerability, facing cold, heat, hunger, fatigue, and even death, to bring my humanity, including my human body, new light and new beauty. Let me share in His light-giving journey today, even if it leads me "outside the walls," as it led the Magi. Let me follow Him “outside the walls”; outside the confines I construct, of self-centered fear, expectations, or discouragement. “For You are the enlightenment of our souls and bodies, O Christ God,” as we say in the Prayer of the Gospel, “and to You we send up glory,” with Your Father Who has no beginning, and Your Life-Giving Spirit. Amen.

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