Lord, I have cried unto you: hear me; give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto you.” (Ps 140/141: 1)

How does God become a real part of my life? This doesn’t automatically happen, even if I seem to be doing the “right” things: I may be a model church-goer, sing in the church-choir, contribute to the bake sales, put up the candles, support the “right” kind of political causes, and so on. But none of this “automatically” makes God the transfomative, grace-filling, all-encompassing Presence and Power in my everyday life, - if I don’t give up playing God myself. I must give up, and cry out to Him, and do so on a daily basis.

God becomes the God of my life when I stop fighting with people and situations, recognizing that I can’t “handle” them; I can’t “fix” them, or myself, according to my agenda. I give up and cry out to the Lord, and let Him in. And I don’t tell Him what to do. I let God play His role, and discipline me, according to His loving, grace-filled will for me. Things “work out” when I do this, as God has reminded me several times, by sending me seemingly hopeless situations.

Today I once again give up, and cry out to Him. I ask God to build with me, according to His will, whatever that may be. I take the steps to do the next right thing, in humble and joyful dependence on His help. “Lord, I have cried unto You. Hear me.”

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