Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” (Mt 5: 8)

So here is another gem from the motivational talk Jesus gave to all of us on the mountain. If you clean your spiritual house, He says, if you make an effort to clear away the burdensome junk that tends to pile up in your heart, like self-pity, envy, unhealthy wants and desires, self-centered fears, ingratitude, and so on, - you shall “see God.” Before I dismiss these words, as if they are only meant for some kind of super-humans in a galaxy far, far away, let me note how I, personally, am called to “see God.”

God reveals Himself in many big and small ways in my life, if I have the eyes to see Him. He subtly shines through in my surroundings, relationships, responsibilities, and situations, when I pay attention to the wisdom and beauty He wants to show me on any given day. In more obvious ways, He reveals Himself on special occasions like the celebration of Divine Liturgy, and on great feasts, like the upcoming vision of His Nativity in Bethlehem.

Today let me take a bit of effort to “clean house,” humbly admitting my faults, whatever they are, and clearing my inner vision of fears, worries, and cares, to take in the vision God wants to show me: Himself. As we sing in the Cherubic Hymn, “Let us now lay aside all earthly cares that we may receive the King of all, escorted invisibly by the angelic orders. Alleluia.”

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