“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.” (Mt 5: 6)

Is it worth it, to invest time and energy in spiritual life, improving my conscious contact with God in prayer, contemplation, fasting, liturgy, self-examination, self-giving, and/or whatever other tools are available to me? It is perhaps easier to be motivated toward material goals, like going on a diet and jogging daily to be physically fit; or working hard at my job to make more money and attain more financial “security.”

Yes, “righteousness” is worth it, the Lord reminds me today. I am “blessed” through hungering and thirsting for it, because this is an objective that “satisfies” or “fills” the hole in my heart. This hole can never entirely be filled, can never truly be satisfied, by material gain or betterment. I have tried it. But I found that when my focus is limited to material objectives, I am always not quite there; I am constantly dissatisfied and discontent to a greater or lesser degree. And this constant dissatisfaction cripples my unique usefulness to the human beings and world around me.

Today let me open my heart and hear the Lord’s voice, motivating me to take time for Him and His righteousness. Let me take up the tools laid out before me this pre-Christmas season, in God’s word, prayer, and self-giving, preparing for the vision of the upcoming feast as best I can. Because I will, indeed, be satisfied.

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