Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge.” (Ps 18/19: 2)

This Psalm-verse talks about the connection between one day’s “speech” and “knowledge” to the next day’s “speech” and “knowledge.” In practical terms this means that the words I say, hear, or read today, as well as the “knowledge” I receive today (through my words, experiences, encounters, actions, - even my choices of food and drink, choice of bedtime, etc.) spill over into tomorrow. The “knowledge” I choose to accumulate today can either help my growth, moving me forward in God’s wisdom, or it can take me a few steps back, like a crippling hangover.

Let me be mindful today, particularly in the evening, that I “process” everything I did, said, read, and thought this day, in a beneficial manner, in God’s light. I find it helpful to take just a few minutes and jot down both what I did poorly (with a little “minus” sign next to those things) and what I did well (with a “plus” sign next to those). I also jot down what I’m grateful for, and several intentions about doing a bit better tomorrow. I have a little, hard-covered notebook for this purpose, which I carry around with me as a reminder. ...Of course I can conversely space out and watch Netflix until 2 in the morning. It's my choice. :)

I ask God today to help me acquire the kind of “speech” and “knowledge” that will help me build with Him, and in Him, tomorrow. I ask Him to help me help myself make healthy choices today: “For You, Christ our God,” as it says in the Prayer Before the Gospel, “are the light of our souls and bodies.” To Him I give glory today, that I may get up to His greater glory tomorrow.

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