Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” (Mt 5:3)

Like all of humanity, I am, by nature, “poor in (my own) spirit.” That is to say, I am utterly insufficient in the spiritual sense; I am incapable of helping myself, of nurturing myself, of growing and developing in Him, without the grace of the Holy Spirit. I can’t “pull myself up by my bootstraps” and save myself.

However, I don’t always acknowledge this, particularly when I go about my life in self-reliance and imagined self-sufficiency. And thus it is with various teachings and religions that glorify the “Self” as the ultimate solution to human insufficiency; as if we need only look deep inside ourselves to find strength, hope, and “spirituality.” This is the opposite of being “poor in spirit.”

This Monday I begin my week in humble acknowledgement of my insufficiency in my own “spirit.” Let me ask for, and rely on, the grace of the Holy Spirit, in all my duties and relationships. Because the Lord promises those who walk in reliance on Him “blessedness,” and “the kingdom of heaven,” already in the here and now. It is the kingdom where He is King, and not me. Glory be to Him.

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