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Friday, January 4, 2019

   “…Mine is the world, and the fulness thereof. Shall I eat of the flesh of bulls? Or the blood of goats, shall I drink it? Sacrifice unto God (Θῦσον τῷ Θεῷ) a sacrifice of praise (θυσίαν αἰνέσεως), and pay unto the Most High your vows... A sacrifice of praise (θυσία αἰνέσεως) shall glorify me, and there is the way wherein I shall show him my salvation.” (Ps 49: 13b-15, 24, LXX)

     God does not “need“ any of our “things,“ which we may think to “sacrifice“ or offer to Him, because the whole world is already His. “Mine is the world,“ He reminds us in this psalm, “and the fulness thereof.“ What He is teaching us, by allowing for various “offerings“ in the Old Testament, is self-offering. It’s the whole “point“ of the Law, and was fulfilled in the unique, once-and-for-all Self-offering...

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